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EGO Liquid Rubber is the home of roof, wall, and steel surface advanced waterproof coating products. We offer several different kinds of coating methods for different types of surfaces that make use of advanced waterproofing products.

Zinc Roofs

Tile Roofs

Asbestos Roofs

Concrete Roofs

Nutec Roofs

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We are a leader in the advanced waterproofing sector and our products can improve both industrial and domestic spaces. With weather-resistant waterproofing that protects against corrosion to ensure that your surfaces offer more, and last far longer. 

Rubber coating is a process which aims to assist surface issues that are caused by weather and is designed to completely repair a multitude of issues, both minor and major. The EGO Liquid Rubber product is designed to be eco-friendly and is safe to use. 

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The timeous availability and delivering of quality products at affordable prices, Product support, User support and training. 

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Continuous research and product improvement through using the best raw materials globally available, alignment of production processes, regular laboratory testing, Quality Assurance Management is part of striving to deliver products of excellence. 

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Latest Waterproofing Technology

Why choose EGO Liquid Rubber

EGO Liquid Rubber is a leader in roof, wall and steel surface advanced waterproof coating that offers different kinds of coating methods depending on the surfaces. With weather-resistant waterproofing that protects against corrosion, your surface will last far longer with a EGO Liquid Rubber coating. EGO Liquid RUBBER offers advanced, weather-resistant waterproofing products that can extend the life of your existing roof. The EGO Liquid Rubber products are designed to be eco-friendly.

If you would like to know more about our comprehensive, technology driven waterproofing products, or if you have any questions about elastomeric coatings provided by EGO Liquid Rubber, feel free to contact our Technical Support Team.


Our product is a highly versatile, water-based, elastomeric, UV Resistant, waterproof rubber coating. This means that you will be able to coat a wide number of areas and surfaces. It also guarantees that leaks are eradicated. With the ability to cover several surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, you will improve upon your response.


The way it works is through the formulation of elastomeric polymer blends. This enables the unsurpassed ability to expand and contract when required. This is how the EGO Liquid Rubber product can withstand virtually any weather condition.


EGO Liquid Rubber is an elastomeric roof coating that is applied directly onto an existing roof system.There are a few reasons why building owners choose to install EGO Liquid Rubber. It is more cost-effective than removing the old roof entirely and is considered to be maintenance, not another roof layer. Most importantly, EGO Liquid Rubber offers a complete, seamless waterproof layer. 

Our Products

EGO Liquid Rubber has engineered a new waterproofing technology. It is so designed to encapsulate a roof with a special layer of rubber that comes with a 15 year waterproofing warranty. 

EGO Rust Converter 20L

EGO Roof Paint 20L


EGO Fibre Filler 18L = 40 sq.m

EGO Bonding Liquid 20L

EGO Rust Converter 5L

Other Services

With Ego Liquid Rubber - Shortcuts aren't an option...

We offer Pressure Washing were our services include House Washing, Gutter and Windows, Patio Cleaning and Deck, Dock and Fence Cleaning.

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Latest Technology In Waterproofing

EGO Liquid Rubber

EGO Liquid Rubber is a highly versatile, water-based, elastomeric, rubber coating liquid specifically designed as an environmentally safe advanced waterproof coating sealant for roof, wall, and steel surfaces in both domestic and industrial sectors.


EGO Liquid Rubber is the home of roof, wall, and steel surface advanced waterproof coating products. 

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